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Dry Cleaning Services

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Our service begins with a inspection of your garments.
We check for:


dry cleaning - the process:

All dry cleaning uses fluids to remove soils and stains from fabric. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water can't. Natural fibers such as wools and silks dry clean very well, but can shrink, distort, and loose color when washed in water.

Synthetic fibers like polyester also respond well to dry cleaning, whereas they can retain oily stain after washing. Dry cleaning helps to return garments to "like new" condition using precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color and change of texture or finish.


From fashions and fabric to stain removal to the latest cleaning technologies, we have the expertise to clean your clothes right.


Thanks to special pressing equipment, professional finishing gives garments a crisp, wrinkle-free, with no chemical odor, and a true clean smell , like new appearance that cant be beat. There are no rumples or creases out of place. Plus, by taking your clothes to us, you don't have to spend weekend standing over an ironing board and a hot iron.


Before we return a garment to you, we conduct an inspection to make sure your order has met their own and your expectations. If they spot a problem, the garment gets sent back to receive further attention. Safeguards like this help ensure that your clothes will look their best when you come to pick them up or dropped off.

Training and Certifications

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